Does your pet parrot know where he lives?

Teaching your pet parrot to talk can be an amusing and rewarding experience, but it requires both patience and persistence on the part of the bird’s owner. Simple words and phrases are the usual vocabulary for most pet birds, but this lady obviously went to extraordinary lengths to educate her feathered companion. A lost pet […]

Parrots for Christmas?

Parrots can be great additions to the family or wonderful companions for people living alone. But are they really suitable as Christmas gifts or at any other time or year? Sadly, like many pets bought as Christmas presents, many parrots end up unwanted, uncared for and destined for the nearest bird sanctuary. Talk a look […]

Visit Parrotize UK for even more parrot cage bargains

We’ve been busy the last couple of months updating our systems and putting the finishing touches to our new parrot cages website – You’ll find great bargains on: Your favourite Montana Cages Rainforest Cages – an exciting new range for macaws to budgies Java Trees and Parrot Stands Breeding cages and aviaries and much more coming […]